Miners are likely the best used end-game technique against Town Hall 10 and Town Hall 11 bases at the moment. You get whatever you can do against Miner attacks?

Surely, to give some the reality… not much. That attack technique is powerful and, with an expert enemy, you won’t hang a chance, However if the enemy is not at all good therefore you have some luck, you’ll have the ability to have some defense wins and stop some 3 Star attacks with the proper anti-Miner strategies.

TH10 Anti Miner Base

How to protect your base against Miner attacks?

Lets started the guide that how to defend yourself from strong Miner attacks. Miner attacks have two prominent weaknesses:

  • The enemy doesn’t have any effect on the attack after deploying all of them (except dropping a few spells).
  • The Miners go under-ground, oftentimes the attacker doesn’t specifically know exactly where all the Miners have gathered and in which they are surely ( particularly when he stars as on a phone rather than on a tablet).

Screenshot of Top Anti Miner Base 2016:

TH10 War Base Anti Everything



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