After the best Th11 attack strategy in 2017, the players have now started looking for the best Th11 attack strategy 2018.  The players who have mastered the game were quite eager to share their knowledge about the attack strategies with others. This is why there was a log of blog posts from the relevant bloggers and videos from the YouTubers who play this game.

This is one of the widely used strategies with almost a guarantee of winning 3-stars from it.

TH 11 3 star Attack Strategy:

TH 11 attack strategy 2018 has become all about getting three stars in the strategy. One of the best TH 11 attack in 2018 is the Valkyrie. Of course.

Anyone who plays the game knows how fierce Valkyrie is and how much damage she can inflict. She comes with an ax that is double sided and she can wreak havoc with this ax. Just walk through the other troops and building and cut everything that comes in your way.

To be more recent, a TH11 attack strategy in July 2018 is the Pekka + Hogs CoC.

Best Th 11 war attack strategy 2018 is the use of Pekka. Her power sees no ends and you can use it for destroying everything that Comes in your way. Same is the case with Hogs.

The best part about this TH11 3-star attack strategy 2018 is that you can go over walls without using wall breakers. When compared with Giants, hogs rider is much faster and has the same strength.

Best Attack Strategy for Town Hall 11:

This year, players have progressed from the TH 11 3 star attacks in 2017 and are now going on to the newer strategies. For TH 11 attack strategy August 2018, stay tuned and keep looking for the YouTube gaming accounts. You can also find the COC TH 11 attacks 2017 on there with the instructions, in case you want to start from the basics.

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