A few days ago above I did post a small helpful farming strategy with Goblins along with a huge people are generally applying it since that time. Even though it is an incredibly farming strategy (you can keep reading regarding it at right here) but it’s fairly difficult to get Dark Elixir, specifically for late-TH9 players, people that just worry about Dark Elixir after maxing every thing with Gold and Elixir. That’s exactly why today I am about to show you a new Dark Elixir farming strategy for Town Hall 9!

TH 9 Farming with Goblin Knife

Goblin Knife Farming Strategy Basic concepts:

Very first, let you know guys why we use goblin in this strategy, as they carried low hit points and as well low efficiency to absorb the attack, even a simple one!

Why should I use Goblins?

At lvl 6, Goblin has 68 HP and almost all splash damage defense (besides maxed Wizard Towers at Town Hall 11) can’t 1-hit all of them. This really is another condition that you can rush to Town Hall 9!

Army and Spell Composition:

  • Train 3 Giants + 2 Wall Breakers each Barrack.
  • Train 34 Archers in 1 Barrack.
  • Train 30 Goblins in each of the rest 3 Barracks.
  •  2 jump spell in order to produce a funnel to them.
  • 2 Rage spell to provide a boost when they closed to the treasure.
  • No need to take heal spell.

Farming with Goblin Knife

How to attack with this strategy?

Very first, I must explain the simple technicians of the Goblin Knife farming.

If we escape it right down to the very basics, this farming strategy carries 3 Steps:

  1. Scout the proper base and the perfect locations in the base.
  2. Build a funnel and open the outside layer.
  3. Get those Goblins in and drop the spells (jump with rage spells).

This things is not so much that easy as you think, so try your best and gain tons of treasure to your storage!


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I am Faizan Gul, a blogger and technology enthusiast. I have created this blog to help the players of Clash of Clans by guiding them on different strategies and help them become a better Clasher!

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