When you reach the 9th level, your town hall would be different. The color of your town will be dark gray. On the top of the town hall, there will be a red flag. There is an entrance to the town hall from the rooftop and this is the same as the Clan castle from level 5. The entryway to the castle is flanked by two golden chains and on the left corner of the town hall, there is a watchtower. For the door design, you will notice that a skull is present. Learn everything about today from this COC Builder Base TH9 guide.

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Upgrading Town Hall:

When you want to upgrade your town hall, it is suggested that you upgrade everything before you take this step. This means that you should upgrade your buildings and your troops before you upgrade the town hall. Since these things take some time to upgrade, you will be left with downgraded things if you proceed to upgrade the town hall without upgrading these necessary things. If you are in the town hall without having upgraded things, it will be hard for you to protect your town hall against your enemies.

Also, you need to place the town hall according to the defense strategy that you have in mind. There are different ideas on the Internet that you can get inspired from. Also, you need to realize what things you need to protect and which of your things is upgraded. Town halls are quite stable against attacks as they have a high hit point so you can use them to attack the enemy. Also, you need to keep this hall protected as if it is destroyed, the invader gets one star.

Learn from the Internet and plan your building time according to the time for town hall upgrading.

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