You want to drive Trophies? You want a base that got your back. With this article I am going to explain you certain Trophy Base layouts which will earn you Trophies when you’re offline (with a cap obviously).

Town Hall 8 Best Trophy base layouts 2016:

So let’s started! In this article we will just discuss about best Town Hall 8 Trophy Base layouts.

TH8 Trophy Base Layouts with Air Sweeper:

This TH8 Trophy Base has an extremely large cover area from the Air Sweeper making it tough to attack, particularly with Dragon armies. The Air Sweepers’ blind area is protected by the next Air Defense you can notice that the Storage are ridiculing and slowing down targeting Troops in the outside band.

Town Hall 8 Best Trophy Base 2016

Although the very first base layout was great that one is in my opinion best of all. There are plenty of intersections on the outside along with the core is entirely protected by Mortars as well as Air Defenses. That one is my special favorite TH8 Trophy Base I found out:

Town Hall 8 Best Trophy Base


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