I have designed a brand new base and named it as “Centurian” and you know it took almost 4-5 hours to ready. Hope you love it!

Basic Mechanism of that Base:

My thought process:

  • Splitting the AD’s one side with all Archer Towers’s the other side.
  • Focused on unlurable and centralised queen, almost impossible to get kill squad to her.
  • Unlurable CC.
  • Make the attacker decide between CC/Eagle or TH.
  • Non central TH with all teslas and infernos TH side.

Screenshot of that Base:

This is what the design looks like at the moment:

Centurian War Base

It’s doing okay, will get one starred fairly easily (unavoidable) but has had a few surprising defences – I think this is because it looks easier than it is.

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