100 Unique COC Names Ideas:

1. Tears of Gaia.
2. Instinct.
3. Martial Warlocks.
4. ReaPeR.
5. Gift of Prometheus.
6. The Immortal 50.
7. Solar.
8. Immortals.
9. Embers Rising.
10. Written in Blood
11. iEnVy
12. UraniumPotato
13. sTaTiiCz
14. Blackstock
15. Zombie Hordes
16. ClashForCash
17. Scrymgeour
18. Legendary
19. Spalding
20. Clan of Coats
21. Swarm
22. Kung Fu Phooey
23. Zombie Canibus
24. Matrix Clan
25. CraZe
26. Shields
27. Melville
28. Fenton
29. Ogilvy
30. Uprising Rivals
31. ifarm.01
32. Team Y.o.l.o
33. Arbiter
34. Maxton
35. Letters of Marque
36. Grant
38. Volume Zero
39. Nevoy
40. Pantheon
41. Mad Scientists
42. Powerful Peons
43. Cochrane
44. Moffat
45. Nova
46. Haig
47. McKerrell
48. Montgomery
49. Thedarkwim
50. Two earth
51. Gaia
52. Farmer      NaDeZ
53. Newlands
54. Weir
55. Sinclair
56. Marjoribanks
57. Spongerz
58. The Art of War
59. ReC
60. Kerr
61. Quantum Performance
62. MiSTaKeZ
63. Parabolic Projectiles
64. ReCoiiLz
65. RioT
66. Forrester
67. Patullo       XaGLeZ
68. Rutherford
69. Hope
70. Russell
71. Leask
72. Phoenix
73. Viking Vivisection
74. Void Clan
75. Axis
76. Lamont
77. Myst
78. Heart Vs Feather
79. Power Within Noobs
80. Hitmen
81. Beg For Mercy
82. Survival Strategy
83. Dispatch
84. Edmonstone
85. Logie
86. clashmebro
87. Bloodline
88. Apocalypse
89. Inglis
90. Cathcart
91. Wallace
93. Magister Mortalis (masters of death)
94. Xenocide
95. Green Bobin
96. Mercer
97. Whitefoord
98. Tactical Telepathy
99. Primeval
100. Pest

How to Change your Clash of Clans Name for 2nd or 3rd Time?

Well, fine you have changed your name for the first time by contacting the Super Cell who are the developers of the game and you are feeling good about that. What if you want to change your name again? Most people have a habit of changing their names on Facebook and other social media account which is quite easier on these services but what would the same people do for the Clash of Clans because this is not simpler here? Using tools such as Clash of Clans name finder, they find so many cool and funny COC names that they just want to keep changing them. So, here are few quick tip when you will need to follow when you want to change your Clash of Clan name for the second or third time.

  • Well, you need to follow the same procedure which is mentioned in the above heading of changing name.
  • You may not response earlier like the first time because the developers are dealing with millions of request at a time and here you are asking for the 2nd or 3rd time.
  • In this case, you will need to wait for even longer.
  • Also, make sure that the request is send after 2 or 3 months of first name change.
  • Keep sending more requests so that it is being seen and acted upon.

100 Unique Clash of Clans Names Ideas
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100 Unique Clash of Clans Names Ideas
Here we have a long list of Clash of Clans names from which you are definitely going to find the right one.
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6 Responses

  1. Ebrahim garde

    Hi there,my name is (ebrahim gard) and i would like to request for a name change. would like to change it from of it!!hope you can help thanks.thanks so much! -(ebrahim garde)

  2. Ebrahim garde

    Hi there,my name is (Ebrahim garde) and i would like to request for a name change. would like to change it from of it!!hope you can help thanks.thanks so much! -(Ebrahim grade)


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