Clash of clans in one of the most trending game nowadays. The games has millions of active players due to its rewarding and addictive nature. Gameplay is very unique and gets more interesting when you attack other players to get resources, getting gold or elixir isn’t that hard compared to getting gems. You can make your gameplay more intriguing by using clash of clans cheats. Cheats provide vast possibilities for players, you can upgrade your kingdom, reach to a certain level and can significantly enhance gameplay. There are many websites and tool promising to achieve the things I’ve mentioned above but they work rarely and most of them are surveys. Today I’ll enlist some of freebies by which you can actually get free gems and there are no surveys included.

These freebies may provide you chance to get gold, elixir but gems are most precious in clash of clans. You can do lots of stuff with gems that might take months or even years to do normally. Gems can increase number of builders you have, it can upgrade your buildings unlock troops. Gems will provide all the opportunities you need to have for playing clash of clans successfully. Gems can be used to buy other resources also so getting gems will also increase the chance of you becoming clan leader. You can compete with top players around the world with your fully upgraded army and get a chance to be in world’s leader boards. Using the freebies I provided below will give you entire control on your game, in addition to getting gems you can also increase ratings. The most important thing in clash of clans is the strategy how you play the game, that can be defensively, attacking or farming but these strategies are dependent on layout of your kingdom and troop composition. This hack will also provide you the ability to alter your strategies.

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