Not so long ago, Super Cell announced the massive mysterious boat May 2017 update. Now after the passage of few days, they have announced another update. Though this is not a major or bigger update which we are expecting for quite a long time but this will be released just before the major update and that’s why it has much importance. The update is titled ‘May 2017 Balancing Update’ as per the official website of Clash of Clans. From the title of the update, we can realize that they have tried to fix or balance things in the game. The main focus of the update will be on helping the grind in town hall 9 and it also empower late-game spells. Let us move on to discuss the major features of this Balancing Update May 2017 of COC in detail.

COC May 2017 Balancing Update

May 2017 Balancing Update Features.

Here is a list of some of the top features you will be able to enjoy from the update.

  • The first main feature on which the update will focus is to assist the grind in the town hall level 9 which is a thing the players of this TH9 needed the most.
  • The second main feature is late-game spells really needed some improvement and they have been said to be empowered by Super Cell in this May 2017 Balancing Update.
  • As for the clone spells, their capacity has been increased at levels from 1-5. Also, at town hall 10, clone spell 3 is now available.
  • At Town Hall 11, Clone Spell Level 5 is added and due to the increased capacity, it will not have more effect.
  • Also, at Town Hall 11, Freeze Spell level 6 has been added and when you are freezing eagle artillery, the increased time definitely helps a lot.
  • At Town Hall 10, Heal Spell level 7 has been added and you will be able to bear more heat coming from Inferno Towers.
  • Elixir collector and 7th Gold Mine which were previously available only from TH10, are now available at Th9 as well and this will help in easy grinding.
  • The damage done by the bombs has been increased so that it could destroy the walls equivalent to its power.
  • Balloons are a major source of attack and since their attack rate has been increased in this balancing update, they will be even more effective.

So, this was a brief review of all the features which you are about to get from this amazing Clash of Clans May 2017 Balancing Update. To get latest news and updates from the game, keep visiting our website.

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