The most recent gameplay mode in Conflict of Clans is the Versus Battle.  This can be a fast-paced, 1-on-1 mode you play out of your Builder Base (also referred to as the “night village”) when you cross the ocean with the boat out of your essential village. On this information, I’d like to indicate you easy methods to assault on this Versus Battle Mode and what you need to know.

Consideration! On this article, you’ll discover extra primary strategies – in the event you’re at Builder Corridor Three and better, please confer with considered one of these guides right here:

Versus Battles – How It Works

Versus Battles are totally different from the assaults we all know from our House Village. Because the starting we’ve got been coaching armies to both assault a sure base in Clan Warfare or a base discovered by matchmaking in Multiplayer Mode. In Versus Battles, you could have the power to adapt your military to the bottom you get matched towards.

This brings a brand new strategical side to the sport. Totally different combos have to be utilized as a substitute of specializing in the 2 or three compositions you favor to play in regular battles.

switching troop clash of clans nightmode

Your victory relies on two issues:

  • Getting as a lot destruction and as many Stars as doable in your enemy’s base
  • Stopping your enemy from getting destruction and Stars in your base

On this information, I’ll concentrate on the attacking side, however if you need to get some defensive suggestions and normal suggestions for your Builder Base, take a look at my Newbie Information right here:

A Versus Battle all the time works the identical approach:

  1. Wait till your military slots to be crammed
  2. Begin an Assault
  3. Scout your enemy’s base
  4. Carry out your assault
  5. Get loot in case you have outperformed the enemy

Proper now, the loot cap will stop you from farming full-time, however I can advocate you do as many assaults as you may to climb up the trophy ladder. The upper you get, the extra reward you will notice on the finish of every victory. Contemplating there are solely Three rewards given per day, that is the way you break the bottleneck.

versus battles reward in clash of clans

For those who do your Three assaults per day, you’ll climb solely 90 Trophies per day. Nevertheless is you retain attacking and push to 600 Trophies, you’ll earn 155,000 Gold & Elixir per day versus solely 30,000 Gold & Elixir.

Your military don’t value you something, besides the jiffy of ready time, and you may’t lose any loot in Versus Battles.

Planning Your Versus Battle Assault

To date we’ve got coated the variations from common battles, the place usually you carry a military after which assault a base of your selecting.

The important thing to success in Versus Battles is scouting a base after which adapting your technique in accordance with this base in fairly a short while!

Attacking Methods & Troop Compositions for Versus Battles

The Builder Bases are far much less advanced and smaller than the House Villages we’re used to. What I need to present you might be totally different spots that can allow you to break a base simply.

Essentially the most generally used troops are Raged Barbarians, Sneaky Archers, Beta Minions and Boxer Giants. They’re all in a position to carry out nice towards all types of bases.

The essential half, that finally ends in a win or loss is:

  • Selecting the correct troops
  • Selecting the place to put them
  • How most of the troops you’ll place at these spots

You will have only a few troops in comparison with common battles or Clan Warfare assaults, so it’s a must to deploy them properly!

I’ll now present you some traditional base setups and how one can crack them.


Sneaky Archers are all the time a good selection in any assault. They carry out a ranged assault and are invisible for the primary seconds (be certain that to improve them to Degree 2 ASAP!)

Watch out when sniping exterior buildings to not get them in vary of the defenses!

snipng range in versus attacks

One essential observe right here, the ranges in your Builder Base are totally different from the ranges you might be used to out of your House Village.

You merely want to recollect them after which you may rely tiles:

  • Double Cannon, Hidden Tesla & Archer Tower (Quick Assault): 7 tiles
  • Cannon: 9 tiles
  • Archer Tower (Lengthy Vary): 11 tiles

While you see an Archer Tower set to Lengthy Vary mode, it’s nearly unimaginable to snipe exterior buildings, however typically you may nonetheless see a number of spots the place you are able to do it.

Sniping Over Partitions

Sneaky Archer’s invisibility for the primary seconds allow them to take out defenses from over partitions with out getting hit.

sniping over wall with sneaky archers ability in versus battles

For those who see a state of affairs like this the place two defenses are subsequent to one another, a pack of 6 Sneak Archers can take them out comfortably.

Basically, in the event you see a setup with partitions like that, I like to recommend you utilize Sneaky Archers solely and snipe over the wall.

versus attaks

These layouts are rather a lot more durable to assault while you attempt to break the partitions with Giants or Barbarians first, so sniping is nearly all the time a 3-Star assault.

Thoughts Traps

When deploying, all the time be super-cautious about traps! Usually occasions you’ll see open sides or spots with no partitions and you may be very certain that there are traps.

trap placement nightvillage

You don’t need to lose an enormous a part of your troops, so all the time check the water by deploying a single Barbarian or Archer and see if that can set off the traps.

That’s a small sacrifice and can disarm the traps earlier than they’ll actually do a lot hurt. For those who deploy troops like Sneaky Archer, Raged Barbarians or Beta Minions, you need to all the time draw a line of troops as a substitute of deploying them at one spot – a single lure might damage your complete assault.

avoid traps when attacking in versus battles

Surgical Deployment

I do know many have a tendency to easily deploy all the pieces and let occur what is going to occur.

Particularly while you use Giants, you need to break up them and assist them with Archers or Minions. A single Big can tank from a minimum of 1 protection comfortably whereas 2-Three Archers behind deal sufficient harm to take them down.

giants deployment in versus battles in clash of clans

As you may see, the appropriate Big will take down the Archer Tower with the only Archer and the opposite Big can have sufficient time to tank till the opposite Archers take down the defenses.

Additionally, if considered one of your Giants steps right into a Spring Entice, you continue to have good likelihood to tug off a 2-Star assault that shall be sufficient to take house the victory.

Air Assaults

Not many bases under 1000 Trophies have the Firecrackers protection, so many individuals assume it’s a simple 3-Star to simply ship in eight Beta Minions and so they nearly all the time fail (I see that occuring towards my very own base rather a lot).

The factor is, you may nonetheless need to take care of an extended ranged Archer Tower, a Hidden Tesla and set-to-air traps.

beta minions attack coc versus mode

The Minions go down very quick and I all the time ship them in, together with Sneaky Archers, to snipe over partitions first. For those who can’t handle to take down the Archer Tower (it doesn’t matter what mode) at first of the battle, you shouldn’t use Beta Minions in any respect!

Nook Constructing

At all times zoom out initially of the scouting interval to see if there’s a constructing in one of many corners. You possibly can spot that simply as a result of the world with energetic buildings is all the time lit up.

corner building anti 3 star clash of clans

This could both carry you useful share factors or value your a 3-Star assault. I’ve set this up in my base and, in accordance with my replays, it typically occasions works nice.

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