The Battle Machine is the primary Hero in your Builder Base and unlocks at Builder Corridor Stage 5. You need to use it for a number of components in your assaults, relying on your technique. Additionally, I offer you some insights into its capacity, the Electrical Hammer.

Up to date! I added extra information on the methods you should use the Battle Machine inside your assaults.

Combine the Battle Machine in your assaults

The Battle Machine has a very good quantity of hitpoints, about double the quantity of a Boxer Large. Additionally, it’s proof against Push Traps and Spring Traps like every other Hero.

This makes it not solely a very good harm vendor, however, you may also use it for tanking inside your assaults.

battle machine immunity to traps in coc

I do know that many on the market contemplate the Battle Machine as a pure tank, however, I don’t advocate that:

  • The Battle Machine doesn’t have a favorite goal
  • With a number of defenses on it, it should die quick and also you gained be capable to use the power often (extra on that within the part concerning the Electrical Hammer)

Listed here are the issues the Battle Machine can do inside your raids:

  • Assist tanks destroying defenses within the first line of your assault
  • Clear outdoors constructions that can assist you constructing the funnel
  • Suicide assault towards sure defenses (will depend on the format of the bottom you’re attacking)
  • Assist your cleansing troops out within the later section of the raid

It completely will depend on the bottom format you’re attacking and the troop composition you’re utilizing, so I’ll present you know what you must look for to make the choice.

Normally, I like to recommend you to make use of the Battle Machine like that (I’ll present you extra detailed under):

  • Giants: in entrance of them to scrub up Spring Traps & Push Traps
  • Mass Archers & Night time Witches: you must have the Battle Machine as a tank entrance of them to catch the main focus of the Multi Mortar and Archer Towers
  • Mass Dragons or Minions: the Battle Machine ought to do the clear up to the finish

Battle Machine With Giants

Ship in your Battle Machine alongside along with your Giants to scrub up traps and likewise assist taking down defenses that get harmful to the Cannon Carts/Barbarians/Archers.

battle machine attacking guide

Battle Machine with Archers

Mass Archer assaults are nonetheless in style and efficient, even above 3000 Trophies at Builder Corridor 6. The Battle Machine is your sole tank and you must use it to catch the eye of the Multi Mortar and get the Multi Mortar down rapidly.


battle machine tanking for archers in coc

In return, the Archers must also take care of the Crusher(s) so the Battle Machine survives lengthy sufficient.

The identical technique applies to Nighttime Witch assaults which might be getting increasingly frequent. You don’t need the Multi Mortar to focus on your Nighttime Witches so be sure that to have the Battle Machine in very earlier than the Night-time Witches come close to the radius.

night witches attacking with battle machine as tank

Battle Machine & Child Dragons/Minions

Air assaults are very highly effective and I’m an enormous fan of mass Child Dragons to date. To start with me all the time used the Battle Machine to get the Air Bomb Manufacturing facility down as a suicide assault, however then I converted to make use of the Battle Machine to scrub up – a change that now will get me much more Three-Star assaults.

This can be utilized to mass Minions or a mixture of Minions and Child Dragons as effectively. Merely deploy your Child Dragons across space the place a Crusher covers the Builder Corridor to verify to get the Crusher down.

baby dragons and battle machine

At Builder Corridor 5 and particularly Builder Corridor 6 you need ship in all of your Child Dragons (or Minions) first and when some Cannons, Archer Towers, and a Crusher is down you must ship in your Battle Machine to scrub up the remaining – this usually leads to both a 2-Star with 80%+ or the right Three-Star assault.

battle machine cleaning up guide

Battle Machine on protection

The Battle Machine gained defend your base, though the Battle Machine Altar is in your base. There’s no purpose to thoughts that in your base design!

The Battle Machine Capability – Electrical Hammer

When you’ve got upgraded your Battle Machine to Stage 5, you’ll be capable to use the Electrical Hammer. This works the identical manner as along with your different Heroes.


The Electrical Hammer will:

  • Heal 800 hitpoints (that’s about 20% of the entire well being of a Battle Machine Stage 5)
  • Will increase harm accomplished by 250% for the following Three hits
  • Recharges inside 14 seconds

The flexibility is extraordinarily precious for the Battle Machine, particularly with the additional harm and the therapeutic – however, a very powerful factor about it’s that it reloads, so it is possible for you to to make use of it each 14 seconds.

battle machine recharging the electric hammer ability

Different Heroes can solely use their capacity as soon as per raid, however, the Battle Machine can use it as usually as attainable throughout the raiding time!

Now, this all sounds nice and it’s, certainly – however this additionally makes it onerous to time the power…

  • …heal up the Battle Machine as usually as attainable, however, don’t waste any therapeutic
  • …deal the additional harm appropriately

This places you within the troublesome spot that you simply don’t wish to wait too long to make use of the therapeutic (as a result of the earlier you utilize it, the earlier it should change into out there once more).

builder machine electric hammer ability

This makes it simpler for you:

  • Use the Electrical Hammer as charging when the Battle Machine walks in direction of a base! It will give the additional harm for the primary hits and reload the power sooner
  • Use it as quickly as your Battle Machine has misplaced 20% of its hitpoints!

That’s it. Don’t be afraid to lose any of the additional harm when the Battle Machine is way away from the following goal – it should save the additional harm and your capacity will reload sooner.

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