Should you’re City Corridor 9 and above, your will in all probability have seen a big enhance of assaults towards your base with Witches (I’m talking of greater than four Witches, principally is aware of as “Witch Slap“), so I assumed it may be useful for you if I provide help to creating an Anti-Witch Base.

Within the first a part of this information, I’ll present you the way Witch assaults work and what makes them robust. This elementary understanding can be helpful to discover methods to defend towards them. Within the final part, I gathered some base designs that work properly towards Witch assaults.

Let me begin with the fundamentals and present you the way Witch Slap assaults work within the quite simple mechanic. From understanding how the assaults actually work, I can present you what they depend on and the way to cease giving them a free raiding ticket in your base.

How Witch Slap assaults work on the whole

This assault has three phases:

  1. The Witches are deployed within the corners together with Healers to construct a funnel
  2. As quickly because the funnel is created, the attacker deploys the Heroes together with Bowlers in between to make them go for the core of your base
  3. Within the meantime, the Witches will stroll across the base with the Healers supporting them to meet up on the finish with the kill squad

So you have got to cope with two totally different components of this attacking technique – on one aspect you will have to get the Witches down, not simple as a result of they spawn their Skeletons on a regular basis and have healer assist. On the opposite aspect, you will have to cease the kill squad consisting of Heroes and Bowlers.

witch slap attack

So how can we put a spoke of their wheels?

How to cease Witch Assaults?

While you need to cease a sure attacking composition, it’s laborious to work out what a part of the assault is fragile sufficient to deal with.

I do know, not the largest shock, however there are some issues that we will use towards them:

  1. Kill the Witches quick (or their life assist, the Healers)
  2. Cease the kill squad

Listed here are the issues we want to do to:

Air Protection & In search of Air Mines Places

Let’s deal with the Healers first; you need to take them down as a result of this cuts the life assist of the Witches on the surface. Healers are the one air models you’ll be seeing on this military composition so it is best to have your Air Defenses organized in a approach that they’ll attain the Healers on the surface, one thing like this:

air defense placement against witch attacks

This can provide help to get a Healer down typically, however ensure that your Air Sweepers don’t push the Healers extra outdoors!

Additionally, you must also place a In search of Air Mine subsequent to the Air Protection which can even maintain one Healer – the benefit is that you’re additionally certain that this In search of Air Mine will strike a Lava Hound if the attacker makes use of LaLoon assaults.

Big Bomb Location

Big Bombs are additionally nice towards Witches as a result of the Skeletons gained’t set off them and when it explodes it typically kills the Skeletons as properly so all defenses can be in a position to get all DPS on the Witches and the healers may be too gradual to heal her up once more in time.

Consideration! Why not use double Big Bombs on the surface within the Witch path? Nicely, this double Big Bomb setup would kill the group of Witches for certain, however additionally, you will make it quite a bit simpler for Hog Riders to take down your base, particularly in Clan Battle that is one thing I wouldn’t advocate to you, so maintain a few of your Big Bombs on the within and use “mini kill zones”, as I present you now.

You must also use this method to discover a good place the place to put them:

Mini Kill Zones

Wrapping up all of the issues above, it’s a good suggestion to create “mini” kill zones across the base consisting of Big Bomb(s), Hidden Teslas and a Wizard Tower.

mini killzone against witches in clash of clans

The Bomb will maintain the Skeletons so that each one defenses can deal with the Witches proper after that and the Hidden Teslas add sufficient excessive DPS to take a few of them out earlier than the Healers can heal them up once more.

X-Bow Modes

X-Bows must be on long-range mode! The easy purpose is that they’re taking down the Skeletons very successfully and deal fixed injury that can maintain the Healers very busy.

I like to recommend having them in a spot the place they:

  • attain a giant a part of the surface
  • are deep sufficient within the base that neither the Witches or every other troop will attain them over the partitions

xbows against witches

Clan Fortress Troops

There are two totally different Clan Fortress setups that work nice – both a Lava Hound or a Golem.

The Laca Hound will maintain the Archer Queen within the kill squad busy and separate her from the opposite troops which can make the kill squad quite a bit much less efficient with out the Queen taking pictures defenses over partitions.

lava hound defending cc troop

The Golem is working good towards Bowlers as it should group them up close to to the Golem and when it dies, it should deal injury equal to a Big Bomb to them.

Anti Witch Battle Base Designs for City Corridor 9 to City Corridor 11

Listed here are some base layouts that work properly towards Witch assaults. Please notice that these are solely samples and wish some customization from you concerning traps! Learn right here why:

One other phrase of warning, please don’t anticipate them to work 100% of the time, any base can get Three-Stared with sufficient effort put into that and a talented attacker on the opposite aspect, however it should assist make it quite a bit tougher to win and sometimes sufficient decide you up some profitable defenses.

TH9 Anti-Witch Battle Base

This primary base is created by OneHive Gazette and you may watch several replays here together with some ideas behind this base.

th9 war base anti witch coc

This second base is from IJACKSPARROW and works nice as properly, as you possibly can see here in the replays. Nonetheless, I’d advocate you to change across the traps a little bit bit as this one bought a little bit extra fashionable currently.

town hall 9 war base layout anti witch slap

City Corridor 10 Anti Witch Slap Battle Base

For this TH10 format, you’ll want to adapt just a few issues your self – change the X-Bows and the In search of Air Mines in accordance to the arrows I put in there plus create the mini kill zones on the higher proper and decrease left aspect like proven above 🙂

th10 anti witch base layout

TH11 Anti Witch Base Format

Right here’s an Anti-Witch TH11 Battle Base created by Torio Gaming, sadly with none replays on the market however I’ve seen good outcomes myself utilizing this format.

th11 anti witch war abse design coc

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