I do know that .5 bases are a controversial matter throughout the Conflict of Clans neighborhood, however I get requested about good layouts for .5 bases consistently. I really feel that I ought to cowl them right here in addition to they’re nonetheless extremely popular.

I up to date the bases right here with some contemporary layouts for .5 bases

The .5 Technique

The .5 technique is utilized to TH9 to TH11 gamers – particularly know as TH8.5, TH9.5 and TH10.5. Let’s discuss concerning the fundamentals first.

When your clan decides to go to Clan War the matchmaking algorithm will sum up all of your defensive power and your offensive power with a metric referred to as battle weight.

At a look, each improve & constructing you’ve got will add a particular battle weight. The overall battle weight is an enormous a part of what matchmaking makes use of to discover related clans together with related City Corridor ranges.

Should you actually wish to know all the pieces about battle weight it’s best to verify this current article I wrote:

That is the place the .5 technique begins. A participant decides to go to a brand new City Corridor degree, e.g. TH9, however solely upgrades troops. In battle weight, the bottom shall be weighted as a TH8 base, however the base has very robust troops and is ready to assault all TH9 bases.

This offers an benefit as a result of you may be matched in opposition to weaker opponents.  You will have 2 assaults the place you may rating 6 Stars in whole, whereas your base can solely lose Three Stars in whole.

Who Ought to Do The .5 Technique?

Clearly, you cripple your base and this technique is just for battle targeted gamers. You’ll not improve defenses, partitions or purchase the brand new defenses accessible – particularly X-Bows, Inferno Towers or Eagle Artillery, as a result of they’re weighted very heavy in matchmaking.

The one factor that you’ll concentrate on upgrading within the .5 technique is:

  • Troops you utilize typically
  • Heroes!
  • Clan Fort, Military Camps, Laboratory, Spell Manufacturing unit

MiniMax & Engineered Bases

Taking this method to the restrict there are additionally engineered bases or MiniMax bases – these are bases which might be second accounts and are principally defenseless bases. That is only for enjoyable and never an method it’s best to take on your predominant account (you’ll have to begin doing this starting in TH3 in case you select to take action).

.5 or .75 Bases

Infrequently you’ll hear a couple of TH8.5 or a TH8.75 base – principally they observe the identical rule, however the .75 base is upgrading all defenses however simply don’t construct the X-Bows, with TH 9.75 it’s concerning the Inferno Towers and TH 10.75 the Eagle Artillery.

In case of base structure, there’s no distinction between a .5 or .75 structure as they characteristic the identical buildings, the one distinction is how far you improve the defenses.

About The Future

Engineered Bases are one thing that Supercell will work on sooner or later and I did cowl this complete dialogue right here:

War Base Designs For TH8.5, TH9.5 & TH10.5

The speculation of base designs is definitely not that difficult. In case you are a TH8.5 you’ve got a City Corridor Stage 9, however you don’t purchase the defenses accessible there – your base design is on this case your outdated TH8 base design.

That’s a easy method, however with just a little luck you would possibly drain some assaults out of your clan battle opponent through the use of an Anti-Three-Star War Base. Ultimately, you’ll have City Corridor 9 attackers go on your base that’s principally a City Corridor eight.

TH8.5 War Base Designs

This structure includes a useless zone within the very middle and an offset City Corridor – try the replays to see how this base defends.

You possibly can watch some replays of this base layout here.

th8.5 and th8.75 base layout

Right here’s one other structure that makes use of a useless zone within the middle and a core with heavy lure and Hidden Teslas protected by the excessive hitpoints from the Storages subsequent to it that may also assist defending the Archer Queen.

th8.5 war base layout

TH9.5 War Base Designs

The defensive success of this structure is fairly good and the attacker has to cope with the compartments across the core compartment that makes funneling not that straightforward.

You possibly can watch some replays of this base layout here.

th9.5 war base layout anti 3 star in coc

This base is extra compact however includes a lethal Hidden Tesla farm subsequent to the X-Bows. Primarily, the attacker will ship in his troop from the other aspect of the City Corridor and this excessive DPS space will take down leftover injury dealing troops to forestall a Three-Star.

You possibly can watch some replays of this base layout here.

war base th9.5 layout

TH10.5 War Base Design

This base structure works nice in opposition to air troops with the Air Defenses on one aspect and the Wizard Towers on the opposite aspect, forcing attackers to go from the higher left aspect. The second line of Air Defenses are well-protected by the Inferno Towers that can take down Lava Pups shortly.

th10.5 war base design

The second structure for TH10.5 has a extra protected City Corridor within the core space, however nonetheless works effectively in opposition to assaults wit the Air Defenses on one aspect and the tesla Farm on the opposite aspect.

th10.5 war base anti 3-star base design


Utilizing the .5 technique requires some dedication and is a method that you need to use in case you’re actually into Clan War. Should you’re simply searching for a means to enhance your Clan War efficiency, I wouldn’t advocate this technique – particularly in case you’re additionally into upgrading your base and have enjoyable trophy pushing and farming.

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