It’s time for a brand new base design. All latest base designs I featured right here have developed into highly regarded in order that they are often overwhelmed by increasingly folks. I gathered collectively the newest strong base designs for TH11, War Base Layouts, and Farming Base Layouts.

Earlier than I begin, I’d like to provide you some recommendation. For those who select to make use of a web-based format – they often get highly regarded, so folks are taught to deal with and beat them. It all the time helps to adapt them a little bit.

Make certain to adopt the entire setup after taking these bases:

City Corridor 11 War Base Layouts

One necessary factor to say! Make certain to set each Inferno Towers to Multi-Mode at TH11! Right here’s the explanation why:

TH11 Anti Three-Star Base Format

This base works with an Air Protection & X-Bow placement at areas that aren’t reachable from the skin, however, will shut down any form of Queen Stroll down early and efficient which makes this base working well towards air assaults.

This base can be efficient towards Bowler & Witch combos because of the compartment format (see battle replay linked beneath the image)

Anti-Bowler TH11 War Base Design

This City Corridor 11 War Base right here works nicely towards Bowler and Witches assaults! The highest and backside outdoors compartment prevents that the attacker can assault straight into the Eagle Artillery or Clan Fortress which is able to add some severe injury to his troops through the assault.

The ring across the City Corridor will forestall Bowlers and Witches to go after the City Corridor in lots of circumstances and makes them journey across the core, a really strong base that I can solely advocate you to make use of.

City Corridor 11 War Base Format Anti Miner, Anti Bowler, Anti Valkyries

That is additionally a base format for TH11 that I like rather a lot as it would defend towards Bowler/Witch and air assaults superb. The format is mainly separated into 2 components and the attacker could have a tough time choosing the proper spot to assault.

In case of the attacker selecting air troops he should assault from the underside aspect to not cut up the Lava Hounds from his Balloons as a result of all Air Defenses are on this part – the issue for him will likely be that not sufficient troops will survive that part to have the ability to go for the City Corridor.

Funneling troops from the highest is extraordinarily arduous to do as a result of all of the storages in the entrance of the purpose defenses there’ll make it arduous to get a funnel arrange without spending means an excessive amount of troops (watch the replays I linked beneath the image of the bottom!)

City Corridor 11 Trophy & Farming Base Layouts

Now I’ll present you many bases that may you assist pushing Trophies or shield your sources, particularly Darkish Elixir.

TH11 Farming Base Format Darkish Elixir

This base format helps you defending your Darkish Elixir and your City Corridor within the core part. At TH11 you’ll face 2 completely different attacking types in Multiplayer battles – balloon and bowlers & witches and each of them could have a tough time getting the core part down.

The Air Sweeper will preserve the core clear and Bowlers will stroll across the base usually as a result of the funnel for them must be additional vast to make them go for the within the core.

City Corridor 11 Trophy Pushing Base Design

This Trophy Pushing Base is working nicely with the empty compartments across the City Corridor that even have the distant Inferno Towers which are arduous to assault. The attacker has to undergo the left aspect as a result of he might want to assault into the Eagle Artillery however that additionally means attacking into each Inferno Towers simultaneously nicely which is usually occasions an excessive amount of for his troops to take care of (see replays linked beneath the picture of the bottom!)

A really strong base that can even work in Legendary League.

City Corridor 11 Anti 1-Star Base Format

This base right here doesn’t play it silently – merely all heavy defenses in the entrance of the City Corridor and if an attackers need to get the City Corridor he must beat this huge defensive energy which regularly occasions isn’t potential.

Many individuals nonetheless use Queen Walks, however, in this case, they’re utterly ineffective as a result of there’s some trash on the skin of the bottom and as quickly as they might want to go for the internal space they’ll see both their troops splitting and strolling in several instructions or just die within the MASSIVE firepower of your defenses.


Like talking about to start with, when you’ve got a hoop base format it is best to abandon that – it’s not updated anymore and straightforward to beat. Use considered one of these recent base layouts; particularly the primary farming base format serves me nicely when farming Darkish Elixir.

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