It’s time for a brand new base design. All latest base designs I featured right here have developed into extremely popular in order that they are often overwhelmed by an increasing number of individuals. I gathered collectively the newest strong base designs for TH10, War Base Layouts and Farming Base Layouts.

Earlier than I begin, I’d like to present you some recommendation. In case you select to make use of a web base structure – they often get extremely popular, so individuals are taught to deal with and beat them. It at all times helps to adapt them just a little bit.

Be sure that to adopt the entire setup after taking these bases:

Take be aware, some bases are rebuilt with a better city corridor account, however solely the defenses and buildings from City Corridor 10 bases are used.

City Corridor 10 War Base Layouts

Going to Clan War as a City Corridor 10 is just not simple. All you are able to do is stop getting Three-Stared and typically you’re fortunate and may defend a Star in a really shut assault in case your attacker makes errors.

The War Bases I’ve listed here are strong sufficient to make the most of errors and shouldn’t get Three-Stared.

Anti Three Star TH10 War Base Format

This base defends nicely due to the Inferno Tower placement that can funnel the attacking troops someplace else and are well-protected with the Big Bombs as nicely. Attacking immediately into the City Corridor from the underside facet can also be no good though because of the defending Archer Queen and the Hidden Tesla farm proper in entrance of it – this may value the attacker many troops

The Air Defenses are populated within the northern a part of the bottom so it’s exhausting to assault with Lava Hounds from someplace else (as a result of in any other case, they’d break up from the Balloons or different troops they need to defend with their hitpoints).

City Corridor 10 War Base Design

I actually just like the Inferno Tower placement on this structure as a result of they may defend the City Corridor from exploding Lava Hound Pups and in addition this entire base places the attacker into the powerful spot to assault both within the defending Heroes or the Clan Fort – each is un-durable.

Anti-Valkyrie & Anti-Bowler TH10 War Base

This City Corridor 10 War Base protects your City Corridor with the wall areas around it, particularly in opposition to Valkyries and Bowlers as they have an inclination to stroll around this space much more than breaking by to the core space.

Listed here are adding some extra Clan War Base Layouts, in case you need some extra hardcore bases

City Corridor 10 Trophy & Farming Base Layouts

At City Corridor 10 you have a ton of Darkish Elixir and listed here are two nice bases that can assist you with that.

Darkish Elixir Safety Farming Base Format City Corridor 10

This base structure does precisely what it says: defending your Darkish Elixir at any value

The Darkish Elixir Storage is behind partitions which makes it very unattractive for melee troops and Balloons received hit it with splash harm so the Darkish Elixir Storage will stay untouched in lots of instances

Hybrid DE Farming Base Design for City Corridor 10

In case you don’t wish to put your City Corridor a lot on the skin, you may wish to use this base structure right here

The Inferno Towers will defend your City Corridor with their offset place and the Air Sweepers will pressure the attacker to assault into each Inferno Towers on the similar time.

TH10 Trophy Pushing Base Format

This structure will defend your City Corridor with the wall constructions round it together with the X-Bows and splash harm from the Wizard Towers – this base makes it exhausting to funnel tanks (air or floor) into the core space.

Anti Air City Corridor 10 Trophy Base Design

This structure protects will in opposition to air assaults. Attackers are likely to assault from the proper facet because of the defensive Archer Queen location and can initially get hit by a number of air traps. The skin defenses then will confuse Balloons sufficient so they may break up away from Lava Hounds and at this level, the assault is just about completed for the attacker. As well as, a Queen Stroll may even fail from the proper facet as a result of Healers will step into the air traps early sufficient that it’s going to shut the Queen down quick sufficient.

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