ZapQuake is actually a combo of Lightning Spells (Zaps) and Earthquake Spells (Quake). You have to drop 2 Lightning Spells and 1 Earthquake Spell on an air defense depending upon its level and you can easily take down the defenses.

ZapQuake Dragon Attack – Army Composition:

ZapQuake dragon attack troops


The army composition may vary depending on the scenario. But overall the key troop here is Dragon which must be level 3 if you are a town hall 8 and going after a town hall 8. If you are town hall 9 and you can carry 4 lightning spells along with 1 Earthquake spell and 1 Earthquake in Clan castle with you then it is super easy to take down any town hall 8.

Here are few combinations of troops you can use:

  1. Dragons with Hogs
  2. Dragons with Loons
  3. Dragons with Lava Hounds

ZapQuake Dragon Attack Strategy on TH8:

  • Just simply use the ZapQuake on 2 of any air defense, try to destroy the ones that are farthest from your Dragons.
  • Must see the air sweeper position and deploy the Dragons accordingly.
  • If you are doing ZapQuake Dragon/Hogs combination then make sure that the last (3rd) air defense you want to target is not placed very deep in the base.
  • Using Loons with Dragons can yield some good results but make sure to use the Dragons as the meat shield.
  • Dragons with Lava Hounds is the easiest attack. Drop the Lava Hound after destroying the 2 air defenses of TH8, the Lava will go directly for the third one and then rest leave it on your Dragons.
  • If the distances between 2 air defenses are less than 6 tiles, first drop the 2 Lightning spells on each then you can drop the Earthquake in between the two air defenses, it will take down both of the defenses with just a single Earthquake spell.
  • Your Lightning spells must be at least of Level 5 to take down level 6 air defenses using ZapQuakes.

ZapQuake Dragon Attack Strategy TH8 Clash of Clans Video Tutorial:


ZapQuake Dragon attack strategy can easily yield 3 stars on TH8, yet sometimes air sweepers can ruin your attack.

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