Night Witches are the one attacking technique that is ready to get you Three-Star victories at Builder Corridor 6 and likewise usually instances you’ll have excessive proportion 2-Star assaults – in return you can even fail large time with Night Witches. On this information, I’d like to point out you some ways that may get you extra victories and reduce the quantity of assaults that fail.

Night Witches in Versus Battles

Night Witches summon Bats that may swarm up and deal harm forward of the Night Witches, so conserving the Night Witches alive so long as you may is your precedence.

Generally, you shouldn’t do Night Witch assaults when your Night Witches are usually not a minimum of at Stage 10, as a result of the quantity of Bats they summon is important for this attacking technique.

I’ve been writing about different Versus Battle attacking methods recently, like Archer, Barbarians, Minions or Baby Dragons and the important thing for these methods was all the time the deployment timing and utilizing them surgically.

night witches attacking with battle machine as tank

Night Witches are certainly the one critical attacking technique that you’ll use by spamming the Night Witches, however that doesn’t imply it’s a technique of deploy-and-pray fashion – you’ll have to plan your assault very precisely in phrases of when and the way you utilize your Battle Machine that makes it the alternative of a no-brainer.

Consideration! Night Witches are but very highly effective but in addition inconsitently – a number of assaults can merely prove with 30% or much less for dangerous luck in timing. Nevertheless, you can even get Three-Star victories the place all different attacking straegies fail.

So the straightforward attacking protocol is all the time the identical:

  • Deploy your Night Witches from a distance (to get the Bats in as early as doable)
  • Deploy your Battle Machine to tank the Multi Mortar & Roaster

Now I’ll present you some sensible suggestions that I gathered from my previous like 200 Night Witch assault.

How one can win with Night Witches

To begin with, let’s discussion concerning the composition. I do know some folks like to make use of 1 Military Camp with Boxer Giants alongside the Night Witches for tanking.

In my view, the outcomes are higher with utilizing solely Night Witches as a result of the three Giants will go down so quick:

  • Stroll forward of the Battle Machine as a result of they aim defenses
  • Get caught by Spring Traps early
  • With all level defenses on the Big, it’s going to die earlier than the Night Witches even attain the bottom

Night Witches Deployment

Okay, I feel everyone utilizing Night Witches know that they need to get deployed in the very nook of the map so their Bats can clear off some buildings earlier than they even attain the world of the bottom.


As well as, it’s best to all the time deploy certainly one of your Night Witches like 2 seconds in advance to the others for 2 causes.

If there’s a Mega Mine in the nook you gained lose your entire military (that occurs generally)

night witch get killed by mega mine

The following motive is that many individuals have set their Mines to air mode in the corners so the primary few Bats will set off them and nearly all of Bats in the primary wave will survive:

night witch attacking strategy

Planning The Path

Planning the trail is extraordinarily vital and also you all the time wish for thoughts this:

  1. The Multi Mortar must be destroyed earlier than your Battle Machine will get destroyed
  2. The Roaster shouldn’t be in a position to goal the Night Witches instantly in their path
  3. Whenever you see areas the place Mega Mines or Spring Traps are apparent, you will want your Battle Machine to stroll through that space first

So, when choosing the nook the place you deploy your Night Witches and the situation the place you deploy your Battle Machine are all about that.

Listed here are some instance the place I present you why I deployed them on the given factors:

First Base

night witch attack plan 1

As you may I used to be deploying the Battle Machine at a spot that may let it stroll in the direction of the Roaster and be the goal of the Multi Mortar and the Roaster on a regular basis so long as alive – in the meantime, the Bats ought to eat their approach by to the Multi Mortar after which help the Battle Machine.


night witch attacking results

I additionally waited with the Electrical Hammer till the wall was destroyed as a result of I didn’t need my Battle Machine to stroll in there too early to not get down too quick, all I wanted it, in the start, was to be the goal of the Multi Mortar.

Due to the open spot in the wall from the Battle Machine, the Night Witches will stroll there as effectively the place the Battle Machine already cleaned. The Multi Mortar is just not instantly in the vary of the Air Bombs or the Roaster, so the Bats will destroy it fairly quickly.

Second Base

another night witch attack

This second base was a bit of extra difficult as a result of the Roaster can destroy all Bats that focus on the Multi Mortar and when the Battle Machine will get too near the Multi Mortar it’s going to begin to shoot on the Night Witches. As well as, I have to be cautious that the Guard Publish troops don’t drag my Battle Machine instantly into the Crusher.

That’s why determined to get the Battle Machine in from this place so it’s going to additionally tank the Roaster for the Bats to allow them to get the Multi Mortar down quick. On the best aspect, there’s additionally no hazard that the Multi Mortar will lose aggro on the Battle Machine and with all Cannons, on the backside of the bottom, the Battle machine will final lengthy sufficient till the Night Witches get the Builder Corridor down.

battle machine timing

As you may see, my plan turned out good and I feel I even made the Three-Star on this assault 🙂

Third Base

night witch attacking strategy

This base was a bit of bit extra difficult, the Air Bombs are instantly subsequent to the Multi Mortar and there’s plenty of hitpoints at the entrance of it. I made a decision to make my Night Witches stroll the longest path doable to achieve time whereas the Battle Machine also needs to be delayed and take time with the Guard Publish troops.


All I used to be specializing in is giving the Bats as a lot of time as doable to go for the Multi Mortar as a result of I knew that it might take like 5-6 waves of them to clear off the Multi Mortar.

battle 3 results

My plan labored out, though 2 Witches determined to interrupt the wall as a substitute of strolling around it.


I hope you realized that a very powerful a part of this assault, even though it’s a “spam” assault, is that you just plan the trail of your Battle Machine proper. In case you don’t do that, Night Witch assaults will likely be nothing else than lottery video games!

In my view there are usually not greater than 10 totally different layouts on the market (in phrases of the final construction), so you could have loads of time to work on totally different positions of your military and see what returns one of the best outcomes. For instance, the format of the second base, the Diamond Base, is one thing that comes in each third battle and I understand how I have to deploy my troops now to get both an excessive 2-Star of additionally a Three-Star victory.

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