Welcome to Town Hall 10 Trophy Base 2017. Trophy pushing in TH10 is an attention-grabbing stuff in Conflict Of Clans. If you wish to push your trophies to Titan or Legend league, you will have an Anti three Star Town Hall 10 Trophy Base. That is an Anti Bowler/Anti LavaLoon TH10 Trophy Base 2017.


Trophy Pushing is just not that a lot simple. However, if you wish to do it in Town Hall 10, then you’ll do it very quickly. Town Hall 10 has a lot of them out there troops of Conflict Of Clans, to be able to push your trophies in TH10 very simply. Gamers who’ve been pushing their trophies in TH10, they really use each air & floor technique.

For floor assault, the commonest & efficient technique is Bowler & Queen Stroll. In relation to air assault technique, gamers like to assault with Lava Hound and Balloon with some Minions. So if you’re planning to push your trophies to Champion/Titan/Legend league, the very first thing it’s essential to have is an Anti Bowler/Anti LavaLoon Town Hall 10 Trophy Base 2017.

So guys, when you’ll push your trophies to the increased league, it’s essential has an Anti three Star TH10 Trophy Base as your energetic base. You might ask that, how my base might assist me in trophy pushing! Really your base doesn’t play an important function in trophy pushing in Town Hall 10. However, an Anti Bowler TH10 Trophy Base 2017 can defend attackers to win the protection and you may get some probabilities to get some free trophies from the attackers! However, when you don’t care about your Town Hall 10 trophy base, you really miss the prospect of getting some good trophies from the attackers!

We wish to suggest all of the pushers make use of this trophy base on your Town Hall 10. We’ve got uploaded this base on our Official YouTube Channel with some good quantity of Replays of the bottom. When you have any doubt about this base, then simply go and watch the replays we’ve supplied the video.

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