On this article, we’re going to speak about TH8 Mass Hog Attack Strategy 2017. This is likely one of the greatest City Corridor eight Attack Methods for Conflict Of Clans Clan Conflict. We are able to use this Mass Hog Attack Strategy to get three Stars from any Maxed City Corridor eight.

Without additional ado, let’s get into this!

TH8 Mass Hog Attack Strategy Troops & Spells Mixture:

● eight Archers.
● 32 Hog Riders. (Stage four, Sure maxed degree for TH8)
● eight Wizards.
● Barbarian King. (Maxed Stage Anticipated)
● three Heal Spells. (Maxed Stage Anticipated)
● 2 Poison Spells. ( 1 in Clan Fortress)
● 5 Maxed Hog Riders. ( in Clan Fortress) [ Then Total 37 Hog Riders]

Earlier than you get began, take a look at the base fastidiously. As you’re utilizing Mass Hog assault, it is advisable to be sure that all of the Clan Fortress Troops are useless. So verify the clan fort vary and discover a place to lure out all of the CC Troops.

In order, you discovered the proper place to lure out CC troops, drop half Hogs on that spot and lure out the cc troops. Use 1 archer to draw the cc troops and take them to a nook or an acceptable place the place you possibly can kill them without getting triggered by different defenses.

Use your individual poison spell to kill all of the cc troops, and you need to use a number of the wizards for killing the troops with archers as effectively. Watch the replays to kill cc troops as a professional!

As soon as your Clan Fortress troops had been killed, now drop your king close to the opponent king (if doable), and when your king will get triggered by the king (OPPO), use the flexibility of your king so as to smash the king simply.

Now it’s time to drop your Mass Hog Riders everywhere in the base. Drop them surgically in order that they will make a funnel and get into the core. Once you see them getting noticed into large bomb use your heal spell to heal them! It is best to take a look at the spawn traps, these are actually harmful to hog riders.Use your maxed poison spell to kill these little spawns!

Be nice to make use of your heal spell, for those who use them in a non-skilled approach, there’s an enormous probability to fail to succeed in your aim, your hogs could possibly be died due to an improper timing of deploying your heal spells!

If every little thing is completed completely, your hog riders will rock it up! You’ll see an ideal Hog Dance within the base!

This TH8 Mass Hog Attack Strategy 2017 is actually cool. You possibly can smash any TH8 struggle base or Any Loot Base with this huge hog riders with no time! This base will work even when there’s new replace of conflict of clans 2017.

You don’t have to consider the Clash Of Clans New Replace 2017, apply this assault technique in pleasant assaults and you will see that it cool!

We have now supplied a hell of replays of this City Corridor eight Finest Attack Strategy, all of the attackers/gamers are actually cool with this assault technique. Watch all of the replays and you’ll be loving it.

Take a look at the struggle recap with TH8 Mass Hog Attack Strategy:

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