If you are playing Clash of Clans, you must be familiar with the different tips and strategies for keeping your town hall safe from the enemy clans. To achieve your objectives in the game, it is very important to keep your town hall protected. When you are playing in the Builder base, then your town hall is equal to the builder hall. There is much to discover today with this guide on COC Builder Base TH10.

When you are on level 10, your town hall will be a different color than the previous levels. It will be crimson and blue-gray in color. On the top of this town hall, there will be a metal grate. There is also molten lava which will be spilling down the openings that are present at the top of the hall.

If you keep the town hall out of your farming base, it will not serve any purpose to you. All that will happen is that you will start to lose trophies. There are three different resources in the game and the 20% of these resources are present in the town hall. So, it is important that the players keep their town halls safe.

Designing War Bases:

When you are designing your war base in the game, you need to pay attention to the protection of your town hall. This is because if an enemy clan manages to destroy your town hall, they will get one star. However, if they fail to destroy your town hall, the maximum damage they will bear will get them one star.

Town halls have a very high hit point. This means that they are hard to destroy. So, you should keep them where your defenses are the strongest so that you can attack from there. From here, you can attack the clans that have come to invade your village.

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