If you happen to have no a plan for the weekend, why don’t you think about moving yourself to the Crystal League? If you are at Town Hall 8 or up high also can do this – I’m not nuts and I can show it!

COC Town Hall 8 Crystal League

What is the best way to reach to the Crystal League fast as possible ?

Well the simplest way to progress up to the larger leagues (Crystal League) is to keep attacking, but focusing on trophies rather than loot. Well truly, you must focus primarily on trophies but is not negotiate too much with loot.

The technique I applied is alternating between GoWiPe, GoWiPe and All drag then after in some time GiValWi, These are generally war attack techniques along with the work virtually with war bases, apart from GoWiPe maybe, so that they work much better on home bases. The brand new update on training will highlight just how much of resources you use for each and every type of army so that you can decide for yourself the amount of loot you want.

Clash of Clans TH8 Crystal League Strategy

The method to make it up is always to do plenty of GoWiPe attacks, that is the least expensive of the lot and obtain a lot of Elixir as well as DE. This will let you do several attacks using All Drags or GoValWi, that are fairly useful in getting 3 stars completely, given you know easy methods to use them right.


That’s how I reached it to crystal league when I was in Town Hall 8. If you want the army compositions I used for these strategies comment and let me know. All the best!


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