While you are trying to strengthen your defenses in Clash of Clans, you must be familiar with one of the strongest defensive mechanisms i.e. Mega Tesla. The new players won’t be familiar since this building gets unlocked when you are at builder hall level eight. So what is Mega Tesla and how does it work?

Mega Tesla is a defensive building in Clash of Clans which fires jolts of electricity bringing massive damage to the enemies. Just like many other buildings and warfare stuff, since this has a very high damage, it takes more time to fire a single shot and has a lower fire rate.

Mega Tesla is a defensive building and that is why it is useless to do separate account on its strategies. We can however, give you some quick tips on using this machine.

Clash of Clans Mega Tesla: Tips and Strategies:

In Clash of Clans, you can only benefit from things when you know how to use them.

  • Make sure that Mega Tesla is placed in the center because this distracts the enemies and due to its lower fire rate but higher damage, you can get its maximum use.
  • While enemies is coming heavy on you with warriors such as Baby Dragons and Boxer Giants, you can use Mega Tesla to take them down.
  • Funnel swarm troops while you are attacking with this defensive mechanism since it distract the enemies.

How Mega Tesla changes with upgrades?

As you keep upgrading Mega Tesla, you will see many changes in it. Listed below are some of the major changes which appear in this building as you upgrade it with time.

  • Upgrading it to level 2 gives you some minor beams and a stone base.
  • When you upgrade it to level 3, ropes get replaced with wooden beams.
  • Upgrading to level 4 replaces yellow electricity storage with a blue one.
  • While you are at level 5, the stone base gets more support from a metal ring placed on the top.
  • An upgrade to level 6 replaces wooden beams metal crosses.
  • At level 7, it gets a blue support and this blue support turns golden at level 8.

So this is how our Mega Tesla gets upgraded at different levels of upgrades. Since this is a very important defensive mechanism, make sure that you keep upgrading it since it does worth our resources.

So this was pretty much important info which you could use about Clash of Clans Mega Tesla. To get latest info and news from the world of Clash of Clans, keep visiting our website.


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