Clash of Clans is such a big game which gets its monthly updates and events. If we talk one of the best biggest events, it would be Clash of Clash Clan Games. In order to increase the fun and competition, this event is held where the competition for coins becomes much more exciting and challenging. Moreover, you play alongside your friends thus, forming one of the biggest online gaming events.

Clash of Clans Clan Games: Gameplay and Facts:

It was quite recent when Supercell introduced this event in the game. They brought this in the December 2017 update. Right now, this is the biggest event in the game. It has some certain gameplay and other facts which we have listed below for you:

  • Clash of Clans Clan Games event is only for the players who have town hall level 6 or above. This implies the difficulty level of this event where the only requirement is the experienced players. You can also imagine the level of competition by this.
  • In this game, you are put through different challenges and tasks which you have to complete as a team. This has changed the old tradition of all those messy clan wars and has brought something new to the competition.
  • While you have updated the game and are in for the challenges, you have got to know the timing of these. One of the major signs is the arrival of strongman caravan. Whenever this appears, you should know that your challenge will be started.
  • The challenges could include a great number of tasks and for completing those tasks, you are assigned a specific duration. If you fail to do so in the allotted time, you will fail the challenge as well.
  • Some of the top challenges could include destroying a specific set of buildings or troops in the given time and when you complete them, you are awarded high rewards.
  • Since there is so much at stake and these challenges aren’t easier either, make sure that your clan chooses the best players in order to take them on.
  • Once you have completed a challenge, it will be recorded and you will be given your rewards such as a great number of free gems and other magic things. Also, new challenges will be added once you are done with the old ones.

Clash of Clans Clan Games: Challenges and Rewards:

This event is full of challenges. The main reason behind designing this event is to check your strengths in different parts of the game. If you thought before that you are a master of Clash of Clans, this event will come up with challenges which will definitely expose your abilities. There are thousands of challenges each with a different requirement, however, when you play and complete them, you are about to become an invincible player. If you find a challenge too difficult, you can always pass it on to a better team member.

clash of clans new update

Another reason behind this event is to award you things which were quite harder to get. People used to install mods or pay money for the gems but now by completing these challenges, they can get a lot of them.

So this was everything you needed to know about Clash of Clans Clan Games. Now if you haven’t already updated your game, do it right now and join a world of bigger challenge.

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