The world of clash of clans is so big that when you are building your army, there are things that you might miss since you may not have all the money to buy that stuff or you simply didn’t know about it. One thing which you simply don’t miss when you are building your defenses is Archer Tower in Clash of Clans. When you are talking about defense, every player’s priority is building these towers since they are strong, have a great range, and they can attack both earth and aired enemies from any distance. While you upgrade them, they become even more powerful they won’t simply let anyone destroy your town hall. Even though Giants and some other surface troops can destroy them, your towers would bring enough damage to the enemies. Always watch out for dragon when you have archer tower in Clash of Clans.

Archer Tower COC


Archer Tower in Clash of Clans is something which is strictly recommended for defensive strategies but still, there are people who don’t much about their placement and usage in the battle. We are now going to talk about defensive and offensive strategies which you can use while you have archer towers in COC.

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Archer Tower in Clash of Clans: Defensive Strategy.

Being one of the best items for defense, listed below are some of the important strategies which you can use to get maximum benefits of these towers.

1. The first thing is the right placement of these towers for defensive purposes. The best place for placing archer tower in clash of clans are the outskirts of the village. They are capable of                         attacking both the air and surface troops and at the time of an attack, they are definitely going to stop enemy troops from entering your town hall.

2. The second important thing is the distance between these towers which should be optimum. According to most clash of clans expert, if you keep a distance of one archer tower that is                           enough for those towers to attack all the enemies properly and bring maximum damage.

3. While you want to upgrade your defensive, make sure that you upgrade your archer tower first. Even though they are much expensive but expensive means more damage and that’s why you              should prioritize them over cannons and other defensive stuff.

Archer Tower in Clash of Clans: Offensive Strategy.

Let us now tell you few points about the offensive strategy even though this is not their domain.

1. When you attack someone’s town hall and they will most likely have archer towers, make sure that you make your barbarians and archers attack these towers and they will destroy them in a little time.

  1. When you have giant bombs in your inventory, don’t forget to use them to destroy the towers otherwise, they are going to rip you apart.
  2. Dragons are also a good solution to disable these archer towers.

So, these were few important defensive and offensive strategies while you have archer tower in clash of clans. Don’t forget to use them, leave us your feedback, and keep visiting Attackia | Clash of Clans Strategy for more COC stuff.

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