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15 Builder Base Layouts Anti 2-Star for BH4 to BH7 (Nightmode)

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builder base layouts design BH3 to BH5

While you do Versus Battles in your Builder Base it’s not solely about executing a very good assault; it’s additionally about defending towards your direct opponent. An excellent base can prevent a whole lot of assaults and may even compensate for a nasty assault with a very good protection. I’ve had a number of Versus Battles when I didn’t get a Star or 50% destruction, however my base obtained my again and saved me the victory. On this information, I’ll present you some defensive suggestions and a few working base layouts for your Builder Base.

Builder Base Defending Suggestions

I do know many listed below are nonetheless within the mindset of standard Multiplayer Assaults or Clan Battle assaults, the place offense > protection. In Versus Battles, your defensive energy has a direct influence on the outcome and will be the deciding issue between victory and loss.

In case you have a nasty base and persistently get 2-Star or Three-Star defenses towards your base, you won’t be able to get a whole lot of victories and your good assaults would possibly end in both a tie or perhaps a loss.

bad attack wictory versus battles

As you may see, my base completely obtained my again right here and I might by no means have gained the assault with out the strong design I’ve (I’ll present it to you under).

In case you suppose that the win price doesn’t matter, you’re flawed. You want to push to start with, even in the event you reached your day by day reward cap. Getting to 1000+ trophies will make your life a lot simpler as a result of you’ll then get way more assets each day!

higher rewards for versus battles in clash of clans

It took me about 2 hours to get to that time with a reasonably recent BH3 base and I can solely suggest you do the identical. You’re going to get sufficient assets out of your Three assaults each day to hold your Lab and Builder busy for the entire day.

Now let me present you some defensive suggestions that you’ve got to consider for your base.

In case you’re trying for some tips about how to assault correctly, please take a look at my latest information about attacking technique:

Centralize Your Builder Corridor

Stars matter, so ensure not to give them away simply. Irrespective of how a lot destruction your opponent takes from you, Stars take precedence.

victory with less destruction versus battle coc

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I wouldn’t have been ready to decide up the victory if my opponent didn’t have his Builder Corridor on the surface:

sniping builder hall in clash of clans versus battle

Offsetting your Builder Corridor is gifting away one Star for free – it shouldn’t be doable for your opponent to snipe your Builder Corridor simply over partitions or immediately from the surface!

good builder base layout

All the time hold 2 tiles between the Builder Corridor and the partitions. This make it inconceivable for Sneaky Archers to snipe over the wall.

In case you don’t have sufficient partitions or buildings but, ensure your Builder Corridor is surrounded by different buildings and defenses:
clash of clans builders base layout design

Closing Partitions is extraordinarily essential. It will power attacking troops to take a path that you really want them to take.

I do know it’s tempting to construct a funnel with the partitions, however your opponent will carry out rather a lot higher towards your base once you don’t have a closed wall ring or line.

Protection Sniping – Not With Me!

You most likely don’t have many defenses in your Builder Base but, so each single one among them counts! As quickly as one goes down, your total protection is way weaker.

Many attackers know this so they’ll attempt to take them out first – you’ve gotten to forestall that in any respect price!

By no means set your defenses the place they are often reached immediately! All the time have both a wall with 2 tiles distance or one other constructing in entrance of them!

Making this even higher, you must also attempt to have all of your defenses lined by the vary of one other defenses.archer tower long range mode

Having your Archer Tower set on Lengthy Distance Mode will assist rather a lot to start with!

It can cowl the entire space and make it very arduous for your opponent to snipe out single buildings with out investing multiple unit.

Lure Mixtures

The Push Lure is an effective way to transfer attacking troops the place you need them, and with four tiles space, you should utilize it to push attacking troops into Spring Traps.

coc push trap landing point

They don’t harm troops, so you need to level them away out of your base. Put troops immediately in your Spring Traps or push away to have fewer troops subsequent to your base that your defenses can then handle.

I do know it’s humorous to push troops round with mixed Push Traps, however there’s no use in doing that.

Normally, at all times take a look at out your traps and verify all replays to see which aspect your attackers favor. I wrote a full detailed information on that method some time in the past for Dwelling Villages, however you may adapt it simply (it’s the second a part of this information right here):

Now I would really like to present you some strong layouts you should utilize.


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Builder Base Designs BH4 to BH7

I’ve been gathering some strong base layouts that you should utilize that I’ve seen nice outcomes with.


Builder Corridor four (BH4) Base Layouts

When reaching Builder Corridor Stage four, you’ll get a ton of recent stuff and it begins to grow to be attention-grabbing.

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  • Guard Put up (like a defensive Clan Citadel)
  • 2nd Archer Tower
  • 2nd Cannon
  • Air Bombs
  • extra Partitions

Normally, ring base layouts will work greatest because the restricted quantity of troops will wrestle with pathing on the within, whereas getting shot with full energy nearly on a regular basis.

Additionally, ensure to have your Guard Put up set on the within so it doesn’t get remoted.

bh4 ring base layout clash of clans builder base level 4 defense

That is an instance how one can organize your format; I additionally suggest you take a look at out your traps rather a lot and see which spots work greatest.

Getting the Builder Corridor is sort of inconceivable with this format, so your opponent won’t be able to rating greater than 1 Star towards your base (with out the Builder Corridor it’s not doable to get a second Star, even with 99% destruction).

Alternatively, you can too check out this base format:

ring base builder base bh4 defensive layout

Floor troops will ignore the Builder Corridor due to the partitions and the opposite buildings round it. You must use this one once you haven’t construct your Guard Put up but. 🙂

Take a look at extra BH4 Layouts right here:

Builder Corridor 5 (BH5) Base Layouts

Many have upgraded to Builder Corridor stage 5 thus far, so I feel you may make use of one among these layouts right here.

Builder Corridor 5 is extraordinarily enticing as a result of it unlocks the Battle Machine and in addition allow you to gear up Cannons to Double Cannons (and extra sooner or later) in your Dwelling Village.

The primary technique is pointing towards an offset Builder Corridor. You need to have probably the most defensive energy situated within the core. The Builder Corridor is solely to large to match and make a very good format with the partitions.

bh5 anti 2 star defensive base design

On this base format, the Builder Corridor is offset, however not defenseless. The Guard Put up and the Multi Mortar within the center are offering good safety. The attacker gained’t give you the option to destroy the entire base, it doesn’t matter what tactic they fight.

bh5 defensive base layout

On this base it’s very arduous (almost inconceivable) for the attacker to undergo the layers stuffed with defenses whereas being beneath full fireplace nearly on a regular basis.

Take a look at extra BH5 Layouts right here:

Builder Corridor 6 (BH6) Base Layouts

Listed below are three actually good Builder Corridor 6 layouts that you should utilize instantly.

This primary base forces troops into the Crushers and make it arduous for your attacker to get the Crusher and the buildings in entrance of the Builder Corridor out of the best way for the Battle Machine:

Anti 2 Star Builder hall 6 base layout
You may click on on the picture or right here to obtain it and you can too watch a number of defensive replays towards this base right here.

This second BH6 Base Format will power your opponent to come from the perimeters and the within space is significantly protected by the splash harm defenses.

BH6 Perfect Defensive Layout
You may click on on the picture or right here to obtain it and you can too watch a number of defensive replays towards this base right here.

This diamond base options the Crusher setup that makes troops stroll into across the wall and into their harm space with out even hitting it themselves.

Best Builder Hall 6 Anti 2 Star Base Design 2017
You may click on on the picture or right here to obtain it and you can too watch a number of defensive replays towards this base right here.

Take a look at extra BH6 Layouts right here:

Builder Corridor 7 (BH7) Base Layouts

This primary format is the one I take advantage of for fairly a while now at four,000 to 5,000 Trophies and solely see just a few excessive proportion 2-Star assault towards.

BH7 Base Layout nightmode clash coc
You may click on on the picture or right here to obtain it and you can too watch a number of defensive replays towards this base right here.

This format is a one which I can suggest as effectively as a result of it forces your opponent to assault full forces into the closely protected middle space which can typically sufficient fail for your opponent 🙂

Builder Hall 7 Diamond defensive design
You may click on on the picture or right here to obtain it and you can too watch a number of defensive replays towards this base right here.

You may see extra strong BH7 Base Designs right here:

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